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About IBD Click

We were established in 2009 and have since grown into a leading marketing company that reaches over 3 million people a week with our marketing services across South Africa. We provide a number of comprehensive services that are always result-driven and of exceptional quality. We understand business growth and have developed world leading systems and software that enables us to help companies in all industries to achieve remarkable growth.

We focus on producing results and our entire business model is dependent on recurring business, which can only be maintained by delivering a service that produces excellent results.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes to deliver a custom-made service that helps their business grow and expand with new sales and customers.

We provide a wide range of professional services that include the following:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Graphic and Corporate Identity Design
  • Software and App Development
  • Hosting Services
We are specialists who use the power of the internet to grow companies. We don’t only focus on marketing and looking good, but also on making it profitable. We deliver targeted sales leads and deliver results to companies of all shapes and sizes, which equate to profitable revenue growth.
In today’s age, companies that are not utilising the power of the internet and technology have a disadvantage against their competitors. Social media and internet marketing are the most cost-effective and targeted forms of marketing available. Your message is displayed to a vast audience who have all been targeted based on location and interests, for example. This ensures that not only do a lot of people see your message, but also the correct people.
Social media and internet marketing are so effective that there is no real comparison. Traditional media is un-targeted, slow, ineffective and very expensive. Social media is instant, accurately targeted, cost-effective and builds relationships with clients because of its interactivity. Internet marketing and social media can reach more people and also the correct people quickly and effectively.

Our services

Social Media Management

The management of your entire social media presence. We portray a professional and high quality image for your company and everything we do is optimised to generate sales leads, enquiries or quotes, and at the same time interact with potential clients on a social and relationship building level. Too much promotion is regarded as SPAM and too much socialising is regarded as a waste of time. We maintain a harmonious balance for the best results. We will literally become like a second department full of experts in your company, working with you in your required involvement level to achieve optimum results and growth for your business.

Hosting Services

We provide hosting services that are excellent value for money. Hosting that is reliable and cost-effective with state of the art servers and technology to ensure your website, email or systems are online and stay online, safe and secure.

Internet Marketing

No matter where you want visitors or prospective clients to go, we can deliver them to your website, squeeze page or online property quickly and effectively. Highly targeted people who appeal to your product or service are the only type of traffic we know.

Graphic and Corporate Identity Design

Portraying a professional image, look and feel is crucial in a competitive business environment to distinguish you from the crowd and build trust between you and your clients and suppliers. We go out of our way to accommodate your vision and picture in your mind and portray a look that you dreamed of. As with all our product and services, cost-effectiveness is a keystone in our graphic design service.

Software and System Development

In an ever-evolving world of technology, pen and paper are no longer good enough, we can help you get your own app or software system to help your business streamline communications and task management, and take your business to the next level of technological innovation.

Web Design Services

Websites of all shapes and sizes that are flexible and fluid to ensure compatibility with all devices and browsers. We work with you to get your company a professional and functional presence that is completely optimised for business generation and growth.

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We take tremendous pride in our work and are excited to share some of our latest work with you below, you can click on each of the projects to view them online.

Highveld Nissan Fb
Supreme Pet Website
Ocean Basket- Lifestyle
Frontier Coaching
Supreme Pet Fb
Casseys Auto Benoni
Auto Glen BMW Fb
Cresta Auto GM Fb
Secunda Motor Corp Fb
Fury Toyota Fb
KM Bailey Insurance
Ideal Office Furniture
Stopwatch Gardener
Future Fit Training
Home Gym


We work with numerous clients from around the world on all levels from corporate to local shops, here are some of them:


Here is what some of our clients say…

Collene - BMW Pinnacle auto

Since the creation of our page our followers/likes have grown from nothing to 1000. Our account manager assists us on a daily basis by maintaining our page and posting on behalf of our business. Our interaction with our account manager can be highly recommended to any business. I believe this service will move any business forward especially with the higher demand of social media in the work place.


Cedric - Steampunk Comics

I am writing this letter of recommendation for the great service provided from the team at IBD Click.I'm experiencing excellent support and guidance. Thier eagerness to see my business grow through their extensive market knowledge has made things easier for me and exciting to learn from them. IBD Click's incredible customer interaction brings me closer to solving problems and creating and creating new ideas together,taking the work load from me as they would like to call it.


Kim - BTI

Thank you for your support with regards to marketing BTI. With your commitment and listening to the needs of my business over the past few months, I can honestly say I have watched my business blossom. You have always made yourself available to me which I have greatly appreciated. I look forward to our journey ahead and believe you will continue to be an instrument in my business to allow for further growth.